A Romancepunk, typing-game tragedy set on the harsh, guild-structured Isle Shammer. Write letters and speeches for your inkslinger clientele, and get transported into vivid daydreams about your troubled past in the smog-ridden Queendom of Nomania.


“A unique experience.”PC Gamer

“[Inkslinger] culminates in a heart-rending finale that has you typing through a vivid incident, each keystroke stabbing like needles through my heart.”The Indie Game Website

“[Inkslinger] understands the horrific potential of language, its capacity to evoke terrifying and hopefully alien situations that live in the mind long after the words have finished.”VICE Magazine

“The writing is superb, with convincing characterisation, vivid use of language and beautifully poetic prose during the memories.”Indie Hive

Inkslinger was made by sampling predominately 19th-century art in the public domain from The National Gallery of Denmark's database SMK Open.

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